The Society was founded in 1872 as the South London Entomological and Natural History Society and since its inception has always included amongst its members many of the leading entomologists of the day.

BENHS Council and Committees 2018 as at 24 March 2018

The members recommended by Council as Officers or Ordinary Members of Council for 2017-2018 under Bye-Law 7 (a) are:

VICE-PRESIDENTS A. Spalding, vacant
EDITOR J.S. Badmin
CURATOR P.J. Chandler
SALES M.D. Darby

ORDINARY MEMBERS OF COUNCIL: R. Comont, L. Crowley, P. Harding, R.D. Hawkins, S. Judd, K. Lugg, G.M. Orledge, S.-A. Spence, P.M. Waring & M.R. Wilson.

CUSTODIAL TRUSTEES: D.J.L Agassiz and D. Stimpson.

Assistant Treasurer R.D. Hawkins
Membership Secretary A.J. Halstead
Field Meetings Secretary P.M. Waring
Regional Secretary A. Spalding
Webmaster L.J. Evans-Hill
Assistant Buildings Manager J.F.H. Cole
Assistant Lanternist S.M. Jones
Student Liaison Officer G.M. Orledge
Invertebrate Link representative A. Halstead, C.M. Watts
Patrick Roche Trust D. Stimpson
Cockayne Trust Fund representative J.W. Phillips
Affiliations Working Group Chair P.T. Harding
Representative from BWARS E. Peat
Representative from Dipterists Forum N/A
Representative from BMIG K. Lugg
Representative from ESB K. Lugg
Finance Committee The Treasurer*, A.J. Pickles, T.J. Dillon, R.D. Hawkins & J.W. Phillips
Library Committee The Librarian*, The President*, The Junior Vice-President*, The Secretary*, The Curator* & R.D. Hawkins
Publications Committee The President*,The Junior Vice-President*, The Editor*, The Sales Secretary*, R.D. Hawkins (Secretary) J.P. Flynn & A.J. Pickles
Editorial Panel The Editor*, D.J.L. Agassiz, R.D.G. Barrington, P.J. Chandler, B. Goater, A.J. Halstead, R.D. Hawkins, P.J. Hodge & M.J. Simmons
Hering Memorial Trust Committee The President*, The Junior Vice-President*, The Treasurer*, The Secretary*, A.J. Halstead & S.R. Leather
BENHS Research Fund Committee The President*, The Junior Vice-President*, The Treasurer*, The Secretary*, The Editor*, A.J. Halstead & S.R. Leather
Outreach Committee The Junior Vice-President*, J.P. Flynn, A.J. Halstead, M.D. Darby, J.F.H. Cole, C. Perl, I.R. Sims, C.M. Watts, A. Spalding, S.R. Leather & A.J. Pickles
Website Committee L.J. Evans-Hill (Chair), T.M. Bantock & A. Spalding (Editorial matters)
Buildings Committee The President*, The Treasurer*, Building Manager*, The Curator*, The Librarian*, J.F.H. Cole, S.M. Jones, I.D. Masters & R.E. Hill
Affiliations Working Group P.T. Harding
Conservation Working Group J.W. Phillips
Accuracy of Species Recording Working Group I. Masters (Chair), I.R. Sims, P.T. Harding, L.J. Evans-Hill, G.M. Orledge, J.F.H. Cole, K. Lugg, A. Spalding, C.M. Watts & J.W. Phillips

BENHS Groups and lead members:

European Group A.J. Pickles
Saproxylic Group K.N.A. Alexander
Berkshire Invertebrate Group J.F.H. Cole

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