biolinks survey

FSC BioLinks Project

BioLinks is an upcoming project from the FSC that hopes to strengthen the biological recording networks of the West Midlands and South East. They are currently developing the project and would like input from the biological recording community regarding their plan for training up volunteers to record difficult-to-identify data deficient groups.

You can help in 2 ways:

  1. By booking a place on the Dinton Pastures consultation workshop on 2nd August 2016. All attendees will be provided with a sandwich buffet lunch and those attending as volunteers will be provided with a £50 reimbursement for their time and travel expenses. For more information or to book a space (there is a maximum of 10 attendees) please contact the project officer, Keiron Brown, directly at
  2. By filling in the BioLinks online survey at


Consultation attendees are also welcome to complete the online survey.

At the end of 2016 reports will be produced based on the information gathered through the consultations and online survey and these will be shared with the sector so that other organisations can use the findings to support their biodiversity training project applications.

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