The British Entomological and Natural History Society Virtual Annual Meeting (AGM)

(Registered Charity No. 213149)
The Pelham-Clinton Building, Dinton Pastures Country Park, Davis Street, Hurst, Reading, RG10 0TH

Saturday 20 March 2021
2 – 4pm

Hosted by the online conferencing facility Zoom

To join the BENHS Virtual Annual Meeting 2021:

  1. Click here or…
  2. Sign into the Zoom via their website here or application and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode:
    a) Meeting ID: 946 3238 0299
    b) Passcode: 557602

The meeting will only be open to BENHS Members and will comprise the AGM, including the Council Report and President’s Addresses Part 1 and Part 2. It will not, unfortunately, include any guest presentations.

The Presidential Address Part 1 will include an overview of activity undertaken by the Society during the extraordinary times of the Covid-19 Pandemic and will also look forward to celebrating the Society’s 150th anniversary in 2022.

The Presidential Address Part 2 was deferred from 2020 and will be presented by Ian Masters. The title of his talk is – Throwing Light on Thirty Acres: a Coastal Survey.

Meeting Reports Download
The following links will open a new browser window to display each report:

AGM Minutes 2020 Curator’s report 2020 Editor’s Report 2020
Librarian’s Report 2020 Treasurer’s Report 2020 Trustee’s Report and Accounts 2020


    1. Minutes of the last Annual Meeting.
    2. Council’s Report for 2020.
    3. The Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 2020 (These will be published on the Society’s website and will also be e-mailed* to members).
    4. Reports of the Editor, Librarian and Curator for 2020 (download links above this Agenda).
    5. Election of Officers and Council for 2021 – 2022.

Bye-Laws 8 (c) & (d) given below relate to the election of Officers and Council:
(c) If any six or more Members shall desire to propose any other eligible candidate or candidates for election to any of the offices or as one or more of the Ordinary Members of Council, such six or more Members shall, not less than one month before the Annual General Meeting, give notice in writing (signed by these Members and stating the name of every such candidate and the office, or position as Ordinary Member of Council for which he or she is nominated) to the Secretary [in the absence of a Secretary these should be sent to the BENHS Administrative Assistant at the address below]. If such notice is given, an election shall be held at the Annual meeting before action on the Council’s nominees.
(d) When no such notice has been so given, with regard to any particular Office or concerning the Ordinary Members of Council, the President or Chairman shall at the Annual Meeting declare elected the Council’s nominee or nominees to that Office or as Ordinary Members of Council.

    1. Questions invited under Bye-Law 26(d)

Bye-Law 26 (d) – Members shall be invited to bring forward any motion or ask any questions relating to the management of the Society without notice.

    1. Presidential address Part 1.

Followed by a ten minute break

  1. Presidential address Part 2 – by Ian Masters (deferred from 2020).
  2. Election of Auditors.
  3. Any other business.

In the absence of any additional proposals being forthcoming, the members recommended by Council as Officers or Ordinary Members of Council for 2021 – 2022 under Bye-Laws 8(c) & (d) are:

R.J. Barnett
EDITOR J.S. Badmin
CURATOR P.J. Chandler
SALES M.D. Darby

ORDINARY MEMBERS OF COUNCIL: K.D. Brown, S.P. Clancy, L. Crowley, A. J. Halstead, P.T. Harding, R.P. Knill-Jones, G.M. Orledge, A. Spalding, C.M. Watts and one vacancy.

*If the Society doesn’t have your e-mail address and you are willing to provide it, please forward it to If you are unable to receive electronic communications and wish to have a postal vote please write requesting one c/o The BENHS Administrative Assistant, 28 Livingstone Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6DJ.

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