2024 Indoor Workshop Calendar

2024 Indoor Workshop Calendar

The new 2024 indoor workshop calendar has arrived and is beginning to take shape. All will workshops be held at Dinton Pastures, nr. Reading unless otherwise stated.

Over the next weeks, perhaps months as we’re beholden to the generosity of tutor time and availability, we are hoping to create at least 14 workshops across a variety of taxa and topics and can announce the first four today!

May 25th – Martin Harvey – An introduction to finding and recording insects – Indoor and Outdoor Workshop, this workshop will help you gain experience finding insects in the field, exploring the habitats at Dinton Pastures, and provide a chance to try out identifying and recording insects.

June 15th – Martin Harvey – Hoverfly identification, this workshop will mostly focus on the identification of hoverfly specimens using keys and microscopes. If the weather is suitable we will also include a short field session within the grounds at Dinton Pastures, and we’ll cover the use of photography for identification and recording.

December 14th – Mark Gurney – Weevil Identification at The AMC, Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London. – after a brief introduction to weevils and the main groups, most of the workshop will be spent identifying specimens, with help using keys and guides. Please bring specimens to identify if you have them. Suitable for anyone interested in weevils, from beginners to those who want to focus on difficult groups.

To view the growing list of workshops visit the Events tab and explore, enjoy!

Booking a place is essential as places are limited, please supply a contact phone number when you book by mailing indoormeetings@benhs.org.uk

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