Since 1872, when the South London Entomological Society came into being as the previous instar of our present Society we have been at the forefront of field entomology.

The Society was founded in 1872 as the South London Entomological and Natural History Society and since its inception has always included amongst its members many of the leading entomologists of the day.

Not only were our founding fathers gifted and farsighted men but throughout the last one hundred and forty eight years numerous entomological luminaries have been nurtured within our walls. The opportunity to mix with established entomologists and to make use of our library and collections has always been of paramount importance.

Dinton Pastures

Since the Society found a permanent home at Dinton Pastures, the activities and facilities we have been able to offer have increased dramatically. The Society now runs a series of workshops on all insect orders, open days with the use of a range of microscopes and has a much expanded library and collection. An increased programme of field meetings is offered and our ordinary meetings and annual exhibition and dinner continue.

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