The British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS)

BENHS is for everyone who cares about and is fascinated by the natural history of insects and other invertebrates. We promote their identification, recording and conservation throughout the British Isles in collaboration with our affiliated societies.

Since our foundation in 1872, we have welcomed beginners as well as experienced entomologists. Members receive four copies a year of our highly respected journal and get special discounts on society publications, which include key sources for the identification of particular insect groups. They can also attend a variety of field, indoor, workshop and virtual meetings providing practical skills in entomology in an enjoyable and engaging fashion. Our extensive library and insect reference collection are available to view, on open days, or by appointment at our purpose built headquarters.

BENHS Council and Committees 2024 as at 1 April 2024

The members recommended by Council as Officers or Ordinary Members of Council for 2024-2025 under Bye-Law 7 (a) are:

VICE-PRESIDENTSG.R. Broad and R.J. Barnett
CURATORP.J. Chandler
LANTERNISTM.S. Taylor (S. Lings indisposed)

ORDINARY MEMBERS OF COUNCIL: S. Clancy, A.J. Halstead, R.D. Hawkins, G. Hedges, S. Judd, R.P. Knill-Jones, A. Spalding, S. Taylor, C.M. Watts and A. Whiffin.

CUSTODIAL TRUSTEES: D.J.L Agassiz and D. Stimpson.

Assistant TreasurerR.D. Hawkins
Membership SecretaryA.J. Halstead
Field Meetings SecretaryG.E. King
Regional SecretaryVacant
Assistant WebmasterM.S. Taylor
Assistant Buildings ManagerJ.F.H. Cole
Student Liaison OfficerG.M. Orledge
ArchivistS. Judd
Grants CoordinatorA. Spalding
Invertebrate Link representativesA. J. Halstead and C.M. Watts
Patrick Roche TrustD. Stimpson
Affiliate Societies ContactR. Dawson
Representative from British Myriapod and Isopod GroupD. Sivell
Representative from British Plant Gall SocietyJ. Bowdrey
Representative from Bees Wasps and Ants Recording SocietyR. Dawson
Representative from Dipterists ForumM.S. Taylor
Representative from Earthworm Society of BritainK.D. Brown
Representative from Coleopterists Society of Britain and IrelandJ.F.H. Cole
Representative from British Arachnological SocietyP. Selden
Steering GroupZ.M. Simmons*, R.J. Barnett, G. R Broad and I.D. Masters
Finance CommitteeZ.M. Simmons*, R.J. Barnett, G.R. Boad, T.J. Dillon, J.P. Flynn, R.D. Hawkins, S. Judd, I.D. Masters and J.W. Phillips
Communication and Events CommitteeI.D. Masters*, J.S. Badmin, G.R. Broad, R.J. Barnett, S.P. Clancy, Z.M. Simmons, L.J. Evans-Hill, S. Judd, S. Lings, M.S. Taylor, C.M. Watts and G.E. King
Building and Heritage Assets CommitteeZ.M. Simmons*, M.V. Albertini, G.R. Broad, R.J. Barnett, P.J. Chandler, J.F.H. Cole, S. Judd, M.S. Taylor (interim for S. Lings), I.D. Masters and I.R. Sims
Library CommitteeI.R. Sims*, Z.M. Simmons, G.R. Broad, R.J. Barnett, P.J. Chandler, R.D. Hawkins, S. Judd and I.D. Masters
Publications CommitteeZ.M. Simmons*, G.R. Broad, J.S. Badmin, R.J. Barnett, A.J. Halstead, R.D. Hawkins, S. Judd and I.D. Masters
Editorial PanelJ.S. Badmin*, D.J.L. Agassiz, J.N. Alderman, R.D.G. Barrington, P.J. Chandler, A.J. Halstead, R.D. Hawkins, P.J. Hodge and I.F.G. McLean
BENHS Research Fund CommitteeA. Spalding*, Z.M. Simmons, G.R. Broad, J.S. Badmin, R.J. Barnett, J.P. Flynn, A.J. Halstead, S. Judd, I.D. Masters and L. Crowley
Website CommitteeL.J. Evans-Hill, M.S. Taylor and E. Deutsch
Affiliations Working GroupK.D. Brown, M.S. Taylor, J.F.H. Cole & R. Dawson, D. Sivell, P. Selden and J. Bowdrey
Accuracy of Species Recording Working GroupI.D. Masters*, J.F.H. Cole, L.J. Evans-Hill, K. Lugg, P.T. Harding, G.M. Orledge, J.W. Phillips, I.R. Sims, A. Spalding, M.S. Taylor and C.M. Watts
[* = Chair]

BENHS Groups and lead members:

Saproxylic GroupK.N.A. Alexander
Student GroupL. Crowley

Freelance role:

Administrative AssistantElla Deutsch

BENHS Byelaws 2019 (the full set of byelaws is available on the Society’s website)

Section 9

  1. c) If any six or more Members shall desire to propose any other eligible candidate or candidates for election to any of the offices or as one or more of the Ordinary Members of Council, such six or more Members shall, not less than one month before the Annual Meeting, give notice in writing (signed by these members and stating the name of every such candidate and the office or position as Ordinary Member of Council for which he or she is nominated) to the Secretary. If such notice is given, an election shall be held at the Annual Meeting before action on the Council’s nominees.

d) When no such notice has been so given, with regard to any particular Office or concerning the Ordinary Members of Council, the President or Chairman shall at the Annual Meeting declare elected the Council’s nominee or nominees to that office or as Ordinary Members of Council.

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