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The Student Group emerged as a result of increasing student interest in the BENHS and was formalised following the inaugural meeting held at the Society’s rooms at Dinton Pastures Country Park on 24th October 2015.

The Group is open to all students of entomology and natural history. Its purpose is to foster an interest in the natural world, and in entomology in particular, within the framework of the Society, and to aid recruitment of the next generation of BENHS members. It is hoped that a formal Student Group will provide not only an element within the BENHS to which student and early career entomologists will be able to relate, but also the opportunity for interaction between student peers.

The Student Group holds a ‘student day’ meeting at least once a year at the Society’s rooms. It is also actively involved with various other Society meetings, including indoor and/or field meetings hosted at academic institutions.

The Student Group is involved in Society outreach, particularly that which is aimed at fellow students. The Group’s Facebook page can be found at:

The ‘BENHS BUZZ’ student blog is run entirely by Student Group members and can be accessed here:

The Student Group welcomes all student members of the BENHS and encourages participation in Group and Society events. A key emphasis of the Group is student contribution, and we are always keen for members to suggest ideas for meetings, events or outreach.

For further information please contact the Society’s Administrative Assistant at:

Or one of the student group leaders:

Liam Crowley –
Emma Bickford –
Charlotte Durant –

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