The BENHS Virtual Exhibition 2023

Welcome to the BENHS Virtual Exhibition 2023!

The virtual exhibition is open until midnight 29 December 2023.

If you have any comments or feedback in respect of the Virtual Exhibition, including it’s usefulness as an addition to the main Annual Exhibition, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

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    The Virtual Exhibition is designed to be easily navigable with just a few clicks of your mouse to get from one exhibit to another.

    The virtual exhibition will be dynamic with content changing as latecomer contributions are added, so please do visit regularly.

    Members’ guests are welcome! To apply for GUEST access, could members please email the BENHS Webmaster and the account details will be forwarded by return email.

    Please report any broken links or missing exhibits to the BENHS Webmaster.

    All images are © of their respective owners and may only be used in conjunction with this website.

    Virtual Exhibition Videos

    Click here to view the video of the online meeting officially opening the Virtual Exhibition, including the Marsh Awards for Entomology 2023 and photographic competition awards.

    Click here to view John Walters excellent exhibition-opening presentation on the latest of his studies of the Heath Potter Wasp, entitled Potters on the heath.

    The Exhibits

    Many exhibits will fill more than a single page of your screen, therefore you will need to scroll down with your mouse or press your Page Down (PgDn) key to ensure you view all of the exhibitor’s contribution. Links to return to the higher level menu may be found at the top and bottom of every exhibit.

    On occasion, it may be necessary to refresh a page with the latest version. For Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for example, press either Ctrl+R or Ctrl+Shift+R, otherwise refer to the Help topics for your preferred Internet browser.

    Some browsers may not open the PDF Exhibitor notes in a new window and instead will download the document into the ‘download’ folder of the PC. This may require the installation of a Plug-in or Add-in for your browser. If so, visit for PDF support for your browser. Alternatively, you will need to open the downloaded PDF in Acrobat Reader which, if required, can be downloaded and installed from

    Click one of the following to view an exhibit…

    British refers to the British Isles which includes the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.

    Where links are in italic, there is no exhibit for this year.

    British Butterflies
    British Moths – macro including honorary macros
    British Moths – micro
    British Moths – mixed macros and micros combined

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    Please let us know your experience with the Virtual Exhibition.

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