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  • 27/07/2021

British Craneflies

By Alan Stubbs

British Craneflies is a guide to the identification and natural history of 350 species in six families of cranefly (Tipulidae, Pediciidae, Limoniidae, Cylindrotomidae and the less closely related Trichoceridae and Ptychopteridae).

Alan Stubbs describes the distribution and habitat of each species, based on over 50 years of cranefly recording.

The 128 pages of identification keys, illustrated with thumbnail drawings, enable all species to be named.

Colour plates show the markings and venation of the wings of 180 species, and also live examples of some distinctive and some common craneflies.

The male genitalia are illustrated for all species of Tipulidae and for most genera of other families, with specific variation covered in the keys.

The introductory chapters include a full account of the enemies of craneflies, from other insects to birds and mammals.

496 pp. + 32 pp. colour plates. Hardback with jacket.
ISBN 978-1-899935-09-3. 181 x 246 mm.


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