clubtail count 2019

Clubtail Count Citizen Science Survey

The British Dragonfly Society is running the Clubtail Count citizen science project this summer and would appreciate your assistance in promoting it to your associates and volunteers.

The Common Clubtail Gomphus vulgatissimus is a red listed species that breeds in lowland rivers in England and Wales. This beautiful dragonfly faces a number of threats including pollution, disturbance and habitat destruction.

To help save this species we first need to identify the location of its surviving populations, as well as which populations are most at threat, or already declining.

Adult Clubtail spend most of their lives hiding in the tree tops, making them hard to survey. The best way to identify breeding populations is too look for larvae undergoing emergence (transforming into adults) on river banks, as well as their exuviae (shed larval skins) they leave behind, and this is exactly what we want volunteers to do!

Surveys need to take place between May-July on warm, sunny days and ideally Clubtail Count volunteers will visit their survey area 3 times within this period. This year we are surveying the River Dee, Severn, Avon, Teme, Vyrnwy, Wye, Tywi, Teifi, Thames, Kennet, Otter and Arun.

Common Clubtail and their exuviae are very easy to identify so the Clubtail Count is a great activity for beginners looking to learn more about dragonflies and get up close to river wildlife along the way!

Please visit the Clubtail Count project page for more information.

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